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FENDER Stratocaster guitar caricature

FENDER Stratocaster electric guitar illustrated caricature

FENDER Stratocaster guitar caricature by Mario CehulicAs you can see I have finished my new guitar caricature of popular FENDER Stratocaster electric guitar. This guitar caricature is also uploaded on my Cartoon Guitars Facebook Page where you can follow, like and comment my guitar caricatures and illustrations. To see a bigger image just go to FENDER Guitar Gallery

Fender Stratocaster caricature available on T-Shirts too!!!

Yep, I will upload this artwork to my Cafepress t-shirt store, so you will be able to buy a t-shirt and many more gifts with this guitar caricature on them.
If you want any special guitar available as a caricature, just leave a comment on Cartoon Guitars Facebook Page, or use a contact form and send me an e-mail with your request.

Soon new guitar caricatures here on Cartoon-Guitars.com.
Thanks for visiting!


Another guitar caricature SOLD!

IBANEZ JEM illustrated guitar caricature SOLD to Mr. Dennis Devine

It is always a good feeling when someone likes and want to buy something you create. Mr. Dennis Devine just bought my guitar caricature that I have recently created.

He will use my guitar as a logo on his Air Guitar Strings website, and for his Air Guitar String product, which he will be selling on his guitar festivals in Florida where he plays.

So, thanks again Mr. Dennis Devine for choosing my guitar illustrations and caricatures for your website and products.


Ibanez JEM 7V Steve Vai electric guitar caricature

Ibanez JEM 7V Steve Vai electric guitar caricature

Ibanez JEM 7V7 Steve Vai electric guitar illustrated caricatureAnother illustrated guitar caricature of Ibanez JEM 7V Steve Vai is finished. Since I have done a simple caricature of this Ibanez JEM guitar, I wanted to have it in this colored edition too. We all know that this is one of Steve Vai guitars that he often plays. I hope that guitar body of this Ibanez Jem 7V is not deformed too much. I am always trying not to deform guitar body too much, so that is easy to tell what kind of a guitar my caricature represent.

Ibanez JEM 7V on black and white t-shirts

I will also make this Ibanez Jem guitar caricature available on my Cafepress store, and on my Cartoon Guitars facebook page profile, where you can comment this guitar caricature, or even leave your request for some other guitar, that you would love to see caricatured, or illustrated by me.

For bigger image of this Ibanez JEM guitar go to Ibanez Guitar Gallery.

If you have any questions or request, contact me here on this website, or go to Cartoon Guitars Facebook Page, where I will regulary post about my new guitar projects. Thanks for visiting. Greetings!

ESP LTD "Snakebyte" electric guitar caricature

New illustrated guitar caricature of ESP LTD "Snakebyte"

ESP LTD Snakebyte electric guitar caricatureHere it is. New guitar caricature of ESP LTD "Snakebyte" electric guitar. I have made two versions of this cool guitar. Black and white editions, so please go to ESP Guitar Gallery and check out white edition too. Both guitar will be also available on my Cafepress web-shop, so if you want a t-shirt, or any other cool gift, like coffee mug, or wall clock, go an check my Cartoon Guitars Cafepress web-shop.

James Hetfield from Metallica plays it...

You will notice that this ESP LTD "Snakebyte" guitar caricature is pretty well known, because James Hetfield plays that guitar with Metallica, on their world tours and concerts. I just love that cool little snake in a shape of a "violin key", that you can see on the neck of this guitar caricature.

My guitar caricatures on Facebook...

Don't forget to check out Cartoon Guitars Facebook page, where I will post my next guitar caricature, and my current work in progress. Use that page to leave your requests for guitar caricature you want to see illustrated by me. Please like and share that profile and this website, to spread the word about my caricatures and Cartoon Guitars website. Thanks!

Gibson Thunderbird IV bass guitar caricature

Gibson Thunderbird IV 1976. bass guitar caricature

As a request from one of my forum threads where I post every new guitar caricature and illustration, I have illustrated this Gibson Thunderbird IV bass guitar caricature from 1976.

Share this guitar caricature picture on social networks

Gibson Thunderbird IV bass guitar caricaturePlease share this image over your facebook, tweeter or G+ profiles and help to spread a word about Cartoon Guitars. Also you can visit my Cartoon Guitars facebook page profile for this website, where I will regulary update on my current work progress or my next guitar caricature. There you can leave your toughts, requests or images about what guitar illustration or caricature would you love to see next. If you want to see bigger size image of this caricature, please go to my Gibson Guitar Gallery where you can see bigger size file, and also all my caricatures and illustrations of Gibson guitars.

Check my Cafepress web-shop with this guitar caricature

I will make this guitar available on my Cartoon Guitars Cafepress web-shop, where you can buy all sort of guitar related gifts, like t-shirts, mugs, clocks, mouse pads, phone and laptop cases, and many more.

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