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Dec 05
  • Welcome To Cartoon Guitars

    Welcome to my home of guitar related design, illustrations and desktop wallpapers. This is a place for all guitar lovers. Here you will find a lot of illustrated electric and acoustic guitars, unique guitar related wallpapers based on my illustrations. I hope that you will enjoy and hopefully come back to this website.

  • About My Guitar Illustrations

    Well first of all, all my guitar illustrations are hand made by me. What that means? Well that means that all my illustrations here are created by computer mouse and tablet pen in my hand. From that same illustrations I also like to create some unique guitar wallpapers for your computer desktop which are completely free and available for downloa... Read More...

  • Learn How To Draw A Guitar

    If you want to know how I do all this, then take a look at my Guitar Drawing Tutorial where I have explained almost whole process of making a guitar illustration from scratch. You will need a vector graphic program like Corel Draw for making guitar outlines, and Adobe Photosho... Read More...

  • I Can Illustrate Your Guitar

    Yes, your guitar can also be illustrated by me. A lot of people ask me to illustrate guitars that they have at home. At beginning everything has started as some sort of a hobby. But later a lot of e-mails started to fill my inbox with all kind of guitar related requests. People wanted a special artwork on guitar body, pickguard, neck, headstock.... Read More...

  • Want To Buy Guitar T-Shirt?

    You want to buy a t-shirt with my artwork? Just go to my Cafepress webshop and choose which guitar illustration you want on your t-shirt. You can also buy large and small posters, tea mugs, mouse pads, wall clocks, and many more products which ... Read More...

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About Me

Welcome to Cartoon Guitars website.

Mario Cehulic - about Cartoon Guitars website


My name is Mario and I came from Croatia. I am 32 years old and as you can see in gallery love to draw all kind of guitars. So I've decided to make a website where I can put all of my drawings. Here you will see all kind of guitars. For now there is some Gibson, Ibanez, Fender, Musicman, BC Rich, Stagg guitars and you can expect a lot more of them.

How and why I have begin to draw my guitar illustrations, and created Cartoon Guitars website?

I started one day when I tryed to create some wallpapers with guitar in background for my desktop. So I drew my first cartoon guitar illustration on my computer. Also if you try to find a quality cartoon guitar picture or illustrated guitars on the internet, you will found out that there's only a few good guitar pictures or illustrations, so I have decided to improve current situation about that. You can see results in my gallery. So that is why I have created a Cartoon Guitars Website.

My first illustrated guitar was Gibson Les Paul Standard which is my favorite guitar, especially because of Les Paul great sound and design. I was really suprised when I finished my first drawing, because the result was better than I expected. So I continued to draw with great support of my friends and people from guitar related newsgroup and forums.

I expect your's opinnions about my work and hope that you will have some suggestions about design of this web site or guitars you would like to see. Please leave some comments in Guestbook or contact me if you have any requests or questions.

I hope you will come back to Cartoon Guitars website.



Do not print or use any of artwork in commercial purposes without written permission from author. All trademarks on my guitar illustrations belong to their respective owners, so use this illustrations for your own and non-profit purposes only. Do not further sell, or try to gain any profit from my illustrations in any way.

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