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Sep 25
  • Welcome To Cartoon Guitars

    Welcome to my home of guitar related design, illustrations and desktop wallpapers. This is a place for all guitar lovers. Here you will find a lot of illustrated electric and acoustic guitars, unique guitar related wallpapers based on my illustrations. I hope that you will enjoy and hopefully come back to this website.

  • About My Guitar Illustrations

    Well first of all, all my guitar illustrations are hand made by me. What that means? Well that means that all my illustrations here are created by computer mouse and tablet pen in my hand. From that same illustrations I also like to create some unique guitar wallpapers for your computer desktop which are completely free and available for downloa... Read More...

  • Learn How To Draw A Guitar

    If you want to know how I do all this, then take a look at my Guitar Drawing Tutorial where I have explained almost whole process of making a guitar illustration from scratch. You will need a vector graphic program like Corel Draw for making guitar outlines, and Adobe Photosho... Read More...

  • I Can Illustrate Your Guitar

    Yes, your guitar can also be illustrated by me. A lot of people ask me to illustrate guitars that they have at home. At beginning everything has started as some sort of a hobby. But later a lot of e-mails started to fill my inbox with all kind of guitar related requests. People wanted a special artwork on guitar body, pickguard, neck, headstock.... Read More...

  • Want To Buy Guitar T-Shirt?

    You want to buy a t-shirt with my artwork? Just go to my Cafepress webshop and choose which guitar illustration you want on your t-shirt. You can also buy large and small posters, tea mugs, mouse pads, wall clocks, and many more products which ... Read More...

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Orders and Prices

If you have any request related to ordering a custom guitar illustration or caricature, please contact me on my e-mail adress.

I have recieved many request for custom guitars designs, illustrations or caricatures, since this site is active. What that means? That means you can choose which guitar you want for me to draw for you. You can also choose color of any part on guitar like pickups, body, neck, headstock, pickguard. You can choose what kind of guitar illustration you want. Do you want a simple guitar caricature, or you want a realistic guitar illustration which will look exactly like your guitar, or illustrated caricature, which will have caricatured shape but with realistic shading.

If you want for me to draw for example, your guitar that you have at home, then you need to send me pictures of your guitar, and valid e-mail adress so I can contact you regulary with progress of design.

You have an unique guitar body design, but you do not have skills to draw that on your computer as an illustration, just contact me, and I will draw your design for you.

After my work is done I will notify you to choose one of two ways of payment. After your payment is transfered to me, you will recieve a highest quality 300dpi JPEG image by email, which is enough for printing very large wall posters, high quality pictures, t-shirt prints or whatever you want.

A fee for drawing one guitar illustration, simple guitar caricature, or illustrated guitar caricature is from $20-$100 depending of your needs, for non-commercial usage.

For any half-commercial or full commercial usage, please contact me.

Here are some examples of custom electric guitars created specialy for my customers.


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Any artwork or illustration on this website may not be printed or published on a commercial basis without written permission from author.
Home Orders and Prices