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    Well first of all, all my guitar illustrations are hand made by me. What that means? Well that means that all my illustrations here are created by computer mouse and tablet pen in my hand. From that same illustrations I also like to create some unique guitar wallpapers for your computer desktop which are completely free and available for downloa... Read More...

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    If you want to know how I do all this, then take a look at my Guitar Drawing Tutorial where I have explained almost whole process of making a guitar illustration from scratch. You will need a vector graphic program like Corel Draw for making guitar outlines, and Adobe Photosho... Read More...

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    Yes, your guitar can also be illustrated by me. A lot of people ask me to illustrate guitars that they have at home. At beginning everything has started as some sort of a hobby. But later a lot of e-mails started to fill my inbox with all kind of guitar related requests. People wanted a special artwork on guitar body, pickguard, neck, headstock.... Read More...

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Gibson Les Paul guitar illustrated caricature

Here is my latest illustrated caricature of Gibson Les Paul electric guitar

As you can see, I have finally decided to use some color on my guitar caricatures. From now on, I will have a simple guitar versions without colors, and also colored and shaded ones like this Gibson Les Paul in Cherry Sunburst color scheme.

Gibson Les Paul guitar illustrated caricature

Gibson Les Paul illustrated caricature available on Cafepress web-shop

This guitar picture will be also available on my Cafepress webshop, where you can buy all kind of stuff like guitar t-shirts, mugs and more cool gifts, with this guitar picture on them. So check out my Cartoon Guitars Web-shop.

Go to Gibson Guitar Gallery, where you can see this image in bigger size.

Soon, this Gibson Les Paul will be available in other color schemes, so don't forget to check out regularly and see more guitar caricatures. If you have any suggestions for some cool color schemes for this Gibson Les Paul guitar, please leave your request in comment area below.

New illustrated and caricatured guitar pictures

New illustrated and caricatured acoustic and electric guitar pictures on Cartoon Guitars.com

Some of my newly added, and illustrated guitar pictures are IBANEZ JEM, GIBSON Xplorer and GIBSON Les Paul Standard edition. Also I have one new acoustic illustrated guitar picture and caricature with my own unique "BAT" design, which you can see here. Just click on guitar picture to see bigger image.

Unique BAT design acoustic guitar picture caricature, illustrated by Mario Čehulić

"My guitar pictures, illustrations and caricatures are available on Cafepress webshop"

I have decided to continue with this new simple guitar caricatures style, I will also upload all that caricatured guitar pictures to my Cartoon Guitars Cafepress webshop. From there, you can buy all kind of gifts with my guitar illustrations and caricatures printed on them. Since I have t-shirts, clothing, drinkware, stickers and flair, home decor stuff, posters, mobile phone, iPad and laptop masks, bags and many more gifts, just go to my webshop and browse through my stuff. Maybe you will find something for you, or your family and friends.

Here are my latest GIBSON Les Paul Standard, GIBSON Xplorer and IBANEZ JEM illustrated guitar pictures and caricatures.

  • GIBSON Xplorer electric guitar illustrated caricature
  • IBANEZ JEM electric guitar illustrated caricature
  • GIBSON Les Paul Standard illustrated caricature

I needed to create a new gallery for my electric guitar caricatures, so I am little late with publishing my guitars. If there is some special guitar picture, which you would love to see illustrated or caricatured, please leave your request in comments. You can also contact me personaly via e-mail.

Caricatured Acoustic Guitar Images

New guitar images with a little different illustration, more like caricature related, technique.

As I have already said in my last post, I will start do draw more caricatured guitar images from now on. I will also make more simple caricatured or illustrated pictures of guitar like one in this post more often since they sell very well on t-shirts, coffee mugs and other gifts for example.

Orange caricatured acoustic guitar picture illustration

Why this new approach to my guitar images and illustrations?

It is very simple. I think this is some sort of a expansion in my creativity expression. I have had many requests in a last years, to do more simple and artistic caricatured guitar images, so finally I have accepted this new technique. I will still continue to draw regular original shaped guitar illustrations like I did until now, since there still is a lot of requests for my originally shaped illustrated guitar images.

So, what you can expect from my illustrated guitar images in future?

Well, you can expect my classic regular shaped guitar illustrations, caricatured version of this guitar, also colored and shaded with same technique, like my original shaped guitar images, and also simple one guitar caricatures, like one you see here. Since these kind of illustrations have a lot potential because they are usable for creating logos, t-shirt design's, and as simple graphics in graphic and web design. I think I am on a right track to bring up my guitar images, and Cartoon Guitars, on a next level.

Also check my webshop at Cafepress where these guitar caricatures are available for purchase!!!

If you want, you can have these guitar caricatures on your t-shirt, on your smartphone mask(iPhone4, iPhone5, iPad, iPad2 and many others), coffee mug, blanket, wall-clock and many more cool gifts available to buy. Just go to Cartoon Guitars Cafepress webshop.

Leave some feedback about my guitar images!

Please go to simple acoustic guitar caricatures gallery and look for more guitar caricatures like this in more different colors.
And yeah, feel free to leave some feedback or comments about my illustrated or caricatured guitar images. Thanks!


RICKENBACKER 4003 Bass guitar illustration

This is my first illustrated bass guitar picture that I have ever made.

Here is my latest guitar illustration of Rickenbacker 4003 bass guitar. For now I have illustrated this guitar in MapelGlo and Midnight Blue color versions. Soon it will be also available in FireGlo color version. There are a lot request for bass guitar illustrations, so in future I will try to draw more bass guitar illustrations or even caricatures.

Go to RICKENBACKER Guitar Gallery and check the guitars in other colors. Feel free to leave your comments or request in which color you would like to see this guitar, and I will make it happen soon.

Bigger size guitar picture is available in RICKENBACKER Guitar Gallery where I will add more of this guitar brand in future. This bass guitar illustration is also available on Cafepress webshop with more other illustrated guitar pictures that I have there.

I have a little announcement for all of you. Since new year has started, I am planning, and already working, on a new website design. But that is not all. I think that in the future I will be creating more caricatured guitar illustrations, rather then just pure original shaped illustrations. So any comment and feedback regarding that decision would be welcomed. Thanks!

Rickenbacker 4003 electric bass guitar illustration


FENDER Showmaster special body artwork edition

Latest addition to my FENDER guitar illustrations is this Showmaster with some unique body artwork. Illustration is available in my FENDER guitar gallery where you can see all my Fender illustrated guitars so far. My next guitar on which I'm working right now will be my first electric bass guitar illustration of RICKENBACKER 4003.

This guitar illustration is also available for buy as gallery print, greeting card, canvas print, photographic print, matted print, laminated print, framed print and LARGE POSTERS on my ARTFLAKES.com, REDBUBBLE.com and CAFEPRESS.com online webshops.

Fender Showmaster skeleton edition

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